In September 2018, we started with a second round of our 10-month Discipleship Training.

Eight intensive training days, filled with inspiring and life-changing messages from the heartbeat of God, enriched with practice-oriented training units on the respective topics, awaited the participants. In parallel, between the training days, the participants were able to put into practice what they had learned in their own everyday lives, accompanied by homework assignments and mentoring. And to get from theory into practice, there was also the possibility of participating in an evangelistic outreach, the Global Outreach Day, which took place on the last Saturday in May.

Not only did the many inputs in the form of teachings, practical exercises etc. shaped the discipleship training, but also the encounters and sharing experiences with each other were extremely enriching. To hear from others what paths they have taken with God during this time, what challenges were taken and overcome, how and where personal change took place and thus became visible in one’s own environment is always touching and motivating at the same time. A night of fellowship at the beginning of June also served this purpose, and it was very encouraging to hear from our participants in what way they had been touched by God, how they had experienced the work of the Holy Spirit and how some had gone through inner healing processes.

In June 2019 the big moment finally came: With the last training day, part of our journey together came to an end! Fitting well with a discipleship training program, the last training day dealt with the topic, “Living a Life of Victory”. We had the privilege of diving deep into God’s word again, and to learn about the spiritual weapons God has given us in order to face the challenges of life in faith and power.

Afterwards, we had a little celebration together and then said goodbye to our 17 graduates, and sent them out into their environment.

God is faithful! He is the same as he was and is and will always be! He loves and cares for His children, and He is FOR us and NEVER AGAINST us! We were able to experience exactly this in the last months, both in the lives of the participants of the Discipleship Training as well as in the lives of many guests who joined our training again and again. Many grew in their identity as sons and daughters of God, personal relationships of faith and trust in God’s guidance were strengthened, in many a lives lies of the enemy were exposed and broken, and understanding of God’s character was renewed.

Hallelujah! How wonderful is our Lord!


“The Discipleship Training has completely changed my life. So much has happened because of it, which otherwise without it, I wouldn’t have been able to seen or recognize”

“This kind of training was exactly what I wanted and was able to apply into my life. It was and still is a blessing to me.”

“Great teaching, very comprehensive and thoughtful, very helpful.”

“The mentoring sessions transferred the theory into practice in everyday life and thus made it practical.”

“I firmly believe that this kind of discipleship is essential”

“The homework assignments often inspired me to dig deeper and deeper into the topics.”

“Thank you for your loving way of addressing sensitive issues. A few times before the training sessions I felt anxious, but after the teachings all of that was gone.”

“This has been a great tool for growth, your teaching is deeply rooted in the Word. A time I wouldn’t want to miss.”

“The teachings were biblical and practical. Everything fit perfectly for me. For someone who works full time, it was easy to manage the requirements. This training equipped me and spurred me on in my spiritual growth.”