CrossWalk – who are we?

CrossWalk is a Christian ministry in the Rhine-Main region in Germany, with the focus on training Christians to be courageous and powerful followers of Jesus Christ. The number of our co-worker team has recently grown to 16. The majority of our staff are graduates of our discipleship and leadership school. Together we build the kingdom of God, not only through CrossWalk, but also in our various different spheres of influence in the Christian church communities we belong to.


TEAM 2024

v.l.t.r. & f.t.t.b.: Silke Reim, Caren & Andreas Böttcher, Andreas Barta, Melany Ehrig, Antje Janzen, Stefan & Gerlinde Lohs, Martin Übler, Anni Vollweiler, Diana Kirsten, Maren Batz, Adwoa Waldburg, Conny Hornburg, Andrea Übler-Winter – Missing in the photo: Madeleine Faulstich

In addition, seven men and women are currently supporting us in mentoring the participants of CrossWalk training.

The LEADERSHIP TEAM consists of 6 members and is responsible for the overall management and leadership of our ministry.



f.l.t.r.: Caren & Andreas Böttcher, Conny Hornburg, Antje Janzen, Melany Ehrig, Maren Batz



How it all began…

The four founding members of CrossWalk all graduated from Bible school at Glaubenszentrum in Bad Gandersheim and got to know each other there. Some of them also worked there as staff for several years. In January 2012, Antje received a vision from God in prayer about the Rhine-Main region, in which she could see how it was “bubbling” everywhere – like a volcano – and it was clear that God was speaking of revival. One of the things that came with this was the impression that a vocational Bible school should be established in this region and that the body of Christ should be brought together in interdenominational events.

With this vision in their hearts, in March 2014, the four founders launched CrossWalk e.V. near Frankfurt am Main.



f.l.t.r.: Sebastian & Sabine Köhler, Antje Janzen, Kaisa Fischer* (*ehemals Koistinen)  im September 2014

Start and development of the work

In 2015, we held our first FACE 2 FACE evenings and one-day training seminars at the premises of a ministry called “Nut & Feder” in Dreieich. In the fall of 2016, we started the Bible school and moved to the premises of Eastsite 15 in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, where all CrossWalk events have been held ever since.

We have also been able to go on several short-term missions trips abroad, where we got to know missionaries and were able to come alongside and support their work in many different ways.


Spiritual roots, DNA

The shared DNA of the founders, which comes largely from their formative time at Glaubenszentrum in Bad Gandersheim, is a legacy that has shaped CrossWalk from the very beginning and that we want to cherish and cultivate. Much of what you read under „Why CrossWalk“ was deeply imprinted on their hearts by God during that particular time.

Due to these roots, we also see ourselves connected to the legacy of the healing and revival movement of the 1950s and 1960s, from which, among other things, the mother Bible school of Glaubenszentrum, (Christ for the Nations Int., CFNI) in Dallas, Texas, emerged.


Growth and further development in the first 10 years

God has always faithfully provided CrossWalk with coworkers – at first it was other alumni of the Bad Gandersheim Bible School who lived in the region. Over time, mainly graduates of our training modules were added, so that over the years the work could grow, broader leadership structures could be established and the work could be spread over more shoulders.

In the fall of 2023, the founding team was able to hand over the leadership of CrossWalk to the current leadership team in an official handover.

We are amazed at God’s faithfulness and are excited to see how He will continue to lead us in the coming years.

Revival is coming and we want to play our part in bringing in the harvest and spreading the kingdom of God in our country.



As a ministry, we are under the apostolic oversight of Peter Wenz and also belong to the D-Network.

In addition to Glaubenszentrum, we are also connected with various churches and ministries in the region and beyond. As individuals we are rooted and integrated in various local churches.