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In the past years all the way to the present day, several significant prophetic voices have been announcing a time of special grace that God wants to release in Germany, Europe and worldwide. God wants to reveal His glory and power in a whole new dimension.

We believe that God is calling His people to prepare themselves for this coming time.

When the mighty hand of God touches Germany and Europe like a huge wave, we will need Christians, just as a river needs a riverbed. We need believers

  • who know their God, trust Him and love Him with all their heart
  • who hear His voice and have learned to obey it
  • who know the power and authority of His Word and overcome obstacles
  • who have His kingdom first in mind
  • who are accustomed to a lifestyle of serving and loving others
  • who have the courage and ability to guide others in serving people around them by the power of God

In different places in our country, God is preparing people and churches to do all this with Him. He allows new churches and ministries to be birthed, and connects his children from different ministries and regions to one another.

As one of these ministries birthed by God, CrossWalk wants to do its share by equipping, training and strengthening people so that they can stand firm in the times to come and be ready to bring many people into His Kingdom and also disciple them.

We expect God to bring renewal to His church so that

  • the supernatural works of God increase
  • deliverance from addictions and strongholds becomes the normal
  • many people experience physical and inner healing
  • His children will radiate incredible joy and love 

This will be an enormous blessing for the society as a whole.

As His people, we are called to be salt, light and a blessing to our cities and towns. Revival should not dry up in the church houses, but penetrate into the society and transform whole sectors of it to God’s glory. Thus what we ask for in the Lord’s Prayer, will happen: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done – ON EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!”