When thinking on the right name for our ministry, we always somehow ended up with the cross, and so it was pretty clear: This word must occur in the name

The cross is the crucial point of CrossWalk and what we’re all about.

  • The cross stands for all of WHAT Jesus made available for us through His death – freedom from guilt, reconciliation with God, eternal life, healing, deliverance, victory over sin, life in the supernatural..
  • The cross stands for the reason WHY Jesus bought us; to be His possession and to live for the glory of God…
  • This leads us to “CrossWALK”, a way of life followed by the example of Jesus, who gave himself up for us. We want to pass on this life-giving message.

CrossWalk is also the English word for pedestrian crossing. We hope that through our ministry, many people will come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord – the One who will bring them safely out of the way of darkness onto the side of light.