Our nation and the world

needs balanced yet powerful Jesus-followers who expand God’s kingdom. We want to train and equip people so that they will

•    know who they are in Jesus Christ and because of Him
•    passionately love and honor God and His Word
•    boldly impact their sphere of influence through God’s love and power
•    know His voice and follow it
•    be able to stand in the storms of life and the challenges of our time
•    become multipliers in the kingdom of God

Right now our CrossWalk Leadership Training is running, which unfortunately isn’t open for guests.

However, we are glad to offer the teachings of our CrossWalk Training or other topics as a half-day/full-day seminar in YOUR church.

More information about that and other seminars:


Here are a few testimonies from some of the graduates of our CrossWalk Training:

“This Discipleship Training has turned my life upside down. So much has happened that I could not have realized and understood without it, and so much has changed due to it”.

“This kind of training was exactly what I wanted and was able to fit into my life. It was/is a blessing for me”.

“Great teachings, very comprehensive and well planned, very helpful.”

“The personal mentoring helped apply the theory into the daily life and made it that way practical.”

“I am fully convinced that this kind of ‘discipleship’ is the key.”

“I was often inspired by the homework assignments to dig deeper and more intensively into the topics.”

“Thank you for the loving way of addressing sensitive topics. I had a few jitters before a couple of training days, but after the teachings there was none of that left.”

“Was a good tool for further growth, and your teachings are deeply grounded and rooted in the Word. A time I wouldn’t want to miss.”

“The teachings were … Bible based and practical. Everything was just right for me. It was easy to manage it while working fulltime. The training prepared me and encouraged me to continue in my spiritual growth.”

“The choice of topics was relevant for me and touched me very much by its depth and intensity.”

“All in all, the best and most lasting spiritual growth spurt I’ve had so far.”

“Your teaching units were not too theological or didactic, but rather depicted by an admirable openness through the testimonies of your own personal victories and defeats.”

“Homework assignments: a good variety of different assignments – sometimes a book, sometimes an audio teaching to listen to, sometimes a Bible study on a topic and none of it was theoretical, but rather practical.”

“I have always wanted to read through the entire Bible once. I discovered many new things and understood coherancies.”

“The FACE 2 FACE -Worship Nights were an absolute must in my opinion.”

“The ‘CrossWalk time’ was for me a time of immense change. The impression and understanding of God I had before the Training, has changed completely through your teachings, homework assignments, mentoring and of course through the work of the Holy Spirit. In addition, God’s Word opens up to me in a whole new way now.”

CrossWalk-Training Flyer 2018/ 19