Our nation and the world

needs balanced yet powerful Jesus-followers who expand God’s kingdom. We want to train and equip people so that they will

  • know who they are in Jesus Christ and because of Him
  • passionately love and honor God and His Word
  • boldly impact their sphere of influence through God’s love and power
  • know His voice and follow it
  • be able to stand in the storms of life and the challenges of our time
  • become multipliers in the kingdom of God
CWT 21-22

Schluss mit Warteschleife!

Wir starten wieder durch, denn Gott will sein Reich ausbreiten – in unserem Land, in dieser Welt … und auch in deinem Leben. Ab Herbst 2021/ Anfang 2022 beginnt ein neues CrossWalk-Training mit folgenden Themen:


Anyone who has ever observed a construction process of a house knows how important a thoroughly built foundation is in order to make sure that things don’t go wrong and that the house doesn’t collapse at some point. In the same way, when something is wrong with our foundation, our spiritual life can suffer imbalances and collapses. Here we want to look at things closely in the light of the Word of God and let Jesus check and repair our foundation.
In addition, the training should equip us to help others build their foundations.

  • The power of the cross
  • Water baptism and the baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • Life House Check
  • Your new identity

From the first to the last book of the Bible, God presents Himself as someone who wants to be close to us and live in relationship with us. What a fascinating love story! And yet many Christians find it difficult to believe this, to get into the depth of this relationship and to live out of this source.
The training day will give us some taste and offer practical help in regards to how to live and grow in intimacy with God. Do not miss your first calling!

  • Friendship with God
  • Knowing God’s Voice
  • The person of the Holy Spirit
  • Staying hungry
  • Practicalities of how to spend time with God

For a long time, we have left evangelism to the “professionals”, believing that it requires a special gift or calling. Fear of man, fear of failure and the feeling of lack in competence have kept us from taking Jesus’ Great Commission seriously and personally. Be challenged and practically equipped to become part of God’s army of love, which touches our country and this world in a completely new way with the Gospel, with the love of God and with the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Potential of the Great Commission
  • Your part in missions
  • Sharing the Gospel with the power of God
  • Stepping out of the boat
  • Cultural sensitivity

Pelle lives in Lucerne, has founded house churches for 15 years and is active in business.
His heart is dedicated to discipleship and transformation of our society.
His life inspires.


Our western world is shaped and permeated by the ideology of humanism, in which man and his abilities are at the center of all action and being. In this training we will recognize how strongly our thinking, even as Christians, is permeated by this worldly spirit, which robs us of the power and authority that Jesus promised His followers.
But it does not have to remain like this! God has given us keys in His Word with which we can regain authority over our thinking and our situations. A disputed topic with enormous potential for personal revival!

  • Authority of the Word of God
  • Jesus – the ultimate role model
  • Understanding the spirit of the times
  • Life in God’s protective orders
  • The power of our words

Which Christian wouldn’t want success, a fruitful life and the supernatural anointing of God on his life? All of us do. And God also wants that for us! But how do we get there? And is perhaps the culture of success in God’s Kingdom different from what we typically picture success?
An exciting and challenging discovery of topics such as:

  • Character development
  • Gifts, fruit and anointing of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)
  • Servant leadership and healthy dealings with authority
  • The importance of the local church

Experiencing and moving in the power of the supernatural is not a special privilege for some “super-Christians”, but a New Testament standard for every disciple of Jesus. However, when we read the book of Acts, we quickly realize that in Western Europe, we are often quite far away from this dimension of Christianity. But, Europe is on God’s agenda! Already now more healings, salvations and miracles are happening than ten years ago.
We want to discover, grasp and multiply this lifestyle. It begins with you and me – and with the power of the Holy Spirit, who is ready to permeate our everyday life.

  • History of revivals in a nutshell
  • Normal Christianity – Life in the supernatural
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)
  • Healing – basics and practice
  • Prophecy – basics and practice

As His children, God has called and empowered us to spread the Good News, heal broken hearts and set captives free. However, many of us stumble again and again over some old package from the past or is trapped in destructive patterns or bondages.
“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!” No one has to remain the victim of their past. We do not only want to learn to live in the freedom that Jesus has bought for us, but also help others to seize this freedom.

  • Getting rid of destructive habits
  • Truth that sets us free
  • The power of repentance
  • What forgiveness means
  • Basics of deliverance

As followers of Jesus we are in a war. We are the light in the darkness and bring life where hopelessness and death are rampant. But in the face of all this darkness, how do we face the challenges of life with faith and power?
With the weapons God has given us, we can fight the small and big battles of everyday life and powerfully expand His Kingdom in our surroundings. We want to learn to use these weapons effectively and find guidance in the Word of God for a victorious life.

  • Worship and Praise
  • The invisible world
  • Strategies of the enemy
  • Weapons of our warfare
  • Fasting

👉 Das sagen unsere Absolventen:


Wie sieht das praktisch aus?

  • 8 Intensiv-Trainingstage über einen Zeitraum von 10 Monaten, samstags von 9 – 18 Uhr
  • Studieraufgaben mit individuellem Feedback
  • praktische Anleitungen zum persönlichen Vertiefen und Wachsen
  • Lektüre ausgewählter Bücher
  • Bibelleseplan – in 12 Monaten durch die Bibel
  • persönliches Mentoring durch Mitarbeiter von CrossWalk
  • Teilnahme am FACE 2 FACE – Gottesdienst im Anschluss an jeden Trainingstag
  • 2-3 Gemeinschaftsabende für Austausch und Vernetzung
  • Angebot zur bevorzugten Teilnahme an Kurzzeit-Missionseinsätzen (freiwillig, nicht in Kosten enthalten)

Der Zeitaufwand für die Aufgaben zwischen den Trainings-Tagen umfasst:

  • tgl. ca. 20 min Lesen der Bibel
  • wöchentlich bis zu 1 Std. Lesen anderer Lektüre
  • wöchentlich ca. 1,5 Std. Bearbeitung von Studieraufgaben
  • monatlich ca. 2-3 Std. Mentoring (auch telefonisch möglich)

Ehepaare mit Kindern können Studieraufgaben gemeinsam erledigen/ abgeben.

Wo und mit wem?

Das CrossWalk-Training findet im Eastsite 15 (Salzschlirfer Str. 15, 60386 Frankfurt-Fechenheim) statt und wird vom CrossWalk-Team geleitet. Wir behalten uns vor, zu einzelnen Themen Gastsprecher einzuladen.

Die Trainingstage können auch außerhalb des CrossWalk-Training – Programms einzeln als Tages-Seminare besucht werden.



Investiere berufsbegleitend 10 Monate deiner Lebenszeit in etwas, das Ewigkeitswert hat!

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Das sagen unsere Absolventen:

This Discipleship Training has turned my life upside down. So much has happened that I could not have realized and understood without it, and so much has changed due to it.

This kind of training was exactly what I wanted and was able to fit into my life. It was/is a blessing for me.

I am fully convinced that this kind of ‘discipleship’ is the key.

The personal mentoring helped apply the theory into the daily life and made it that way practical.

The teachings were … Bible based and practical. Everything was just right for me. It was easy to manage it while working fulltime. The training prepared me and encouraged me to continue in my spiritual growth.

Your teaching units were not too theological or didactic, but rather depicted by an admirable openness through the testimonies of your own personal victories and defeats.

Homework assignments: a good variety of different assignments – sometimes a book, sometimes an audio teaching to listen to, sometimes a Bible study on a topic and none of it was theoretical, but rather practical.

The ‘CrossWalk time’ was for me a time of immense change. The impression and understanding of God I had before the Training, has changed completely through your teachings, homework assignments, mentoring and of course through the work of the Holy Spirit. In addition, God’s Word opens up to me in a whole new way now.

Was a good tool for further growth, and your teachings are deeply grounded and rooted in the Word. A time I wouldn’t want to miss.

Great teachings, very comprehensive and well planned, very helpful.

I was often inspired by the homework assignments to dig deeper and more intensively into the topics.

Thank you for the loving way of addressing sensitive topics. I had a few jitters before a couple of training days, but after the teachings there was none of that left.

The choice of topics was relevant for me and touched me very much by its depth and intensity.

All in all, the best and most lasting spiritual growth spurt I’ve had so far.

I have always wanted to read through the entire Bible once. I discovered many new things and understood coherancies.

The FACE 2 FACE -Worship Nights were an absolute must in my opinion.

Bis es so weit ist, bieten wir gern die Inhalte unseres CrossWalk-Trainings oder auch andere Themen als Halbtags-/ Ganztagsseminare in DEINER Gemeinde an. Infos dazu und zu zusätzlichen Tages-Seminaren unter: