Team Maren

Antje Janzen

After several years of working as a nurse and being involved in my church in Ruhr area, I attended a YWAM discipleship training school in 1997 and then went to Bible School at Glaubenszentrum Bad Gandersheim, where I after my graduation stayed for several years as a co-worker. In addition to administration and various leadership tasks, I was mainly involved in teaching, worship and counseling. Since the summer of 2012, I’ve lived in the Rhine-Main area. My passion is to preach the Word of God and help people to get into a passionate and childlike relationship with God. I want to challenge people to live a simple but powerful Christian life under the leading of the Holy Spirit and thus expand the kingdom of God.
To that end, in addition to my ministry here at CrossWalk, I am also out preaching in churches and ministries:


Team Maren

Maren Batz

From 2016 to 2018, I myself participated in the discipleship and leader training at CrossWalk, which greatly enriched and strengthened my faith life. Since then, I have been able to deepen what I have learned and grow into new areas of responsibility. The concept of the part-time Bible school
has inspired me from the very beginning and it gives me great pleasure to meet people.
and accompany them in building a firm foundation of faith.

Team Melany

Melany Ehrig

It excites me to see people discover the God-given gifts He has placed inside of them and take hold of their callings by putting it all in practice in their own environment such as family, work place and that way extend His kingdom and in His authority wherever they are.
To encourage is a key for me in this.
Prayer is a joy for me, especially praying the Word of God which I experience as very powerful.

Team Andreas Caren

Andreas & Caren Böttcher

During our CrossWalk Bible School time we had the privilege to intimately get to know the loving and gracious Father heart of God and the work of the Holy Spirit in a new way. Through all this, a completely new view of God and our identity in Christ has been a revelation to us.
We experienced the training as very enriching, and done in a manner where God’s Word was communicated in a loving and appreciative way. We look forward to coaching people who want to grow further in their personal relationship with God.

Team Conny

Conny Hornburg

Since joining Crosswalk in 2018, it has been consistently amazing for me to see how the powerful Word of God taught at CrossWalk-Training has changed the lives of individual participants.
Healing, deliverance, and divine purpose are topics near and dear to my heart.